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Chris Hemsworth stopped eating meat before filming a kiss with openly vegan Natalie Portman on Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor Love Thunder Chris Hemsworth Jane Foster Natalie Portman

Apparently, the star Chris Hemsworth is as “super” off-screen as the hero of the Marvel comics that he plays, according to his co-workers who do not get tired of tearing up praise for the actor.

Natalie Portman, who stars in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, is the latest celebrity to endorse Crhis as a good guy, noting that the actor even ditched his daily dose of meat before filming a kissing scene between the two in the film.

The actress, who reprized her role as Jane Foster in the new movie “Thor,” and co-star Tessa Thompson discussed Hemsworth’s kindness during a recent appearance on the British radio series “Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.”

The hosts asked the two guests if Hemsworth had any hidden flaws behind his muscle and charm, but Portman and Thompson had nothing but nice things to say about the actor:

“The day we had a kiss scene, he didn’t eat meat that morning because I’m vegan,” Portman said of Hemsworth. “He eats meat every half hour… he was just being thoughtful.”

Even though Hemsworth doesn’t consume a meal of meat every half hour, as he jokingly suggested, he is known to eat 10 meals a day, about 4,500 calories, to maintain the Thunder God’s bulky figure.

Portman has adhered to a vegan or vegetarian diet for most of her life, as she has reported in various publications over the years. While she didn’t urge Hemsworth to stop eating meat before the onscreen kiss, she said it was a considerate gesture.

Thompson agreed with Portman that Hemsworth is, on the whole, a great coworker, even when he’s having a hunger-fueled tantrum. “He does get grumpy and he does get ‘hangry,’ but he’s still sweet,” Thompson further revealed in the interview.

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