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Clint Eastwood reveals he turned down the role of Superman because he wanted a character in Marvel

Clint Eastwood Superman

Clint Eastwood, the renowned American actor and director, turned down the role of Superman in the 1970s, according to a recent interview with Far Out Magazine.

The reason for the refusal was that Eastwood wanted to bring to life a character from rival Marvel Comics. In his own words, “I said, ‘Superman? No, no, it’s not for me’. Not that there was anything wrong with him. It’s for anyone out there, but not for me. (Namor) The Sub-Mariner, it was his which I always liked. I had all the comics when I was a kid.”

With Eastwood’s refusal, the role ended up going to his colleague Christopher Reeve. Reeve played the DC Comics hero in ‘Superman – The Movie’ (1978) and in its three sequels, becoming for many the eternal Man of Steel.

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