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Beyoncé releases new single “Break My Soul”

beyonce Renaissance

Beyoncé released “Break My Soul”, a track that will be part of her seventh studio album, “Renaissance”, on Tuesday.

“Renaissance” is Beyoncé’s first solo effort after 2016’s Lemonade and is set for July 29, 2022. The singer had previously released “The Carters” in 2018 along with her husband Jay-Z.

The album ended the trilogy that began with the singer’s 2016 album and the rapper’s album, “4:44”, 2017. At the time, the marriage was shaken due to a betrayal by Jay-Z. Lemonade was Beyoncé’s outburst; 4:44 was the mea culpa and apology to the wife and “The Carters” symbolized the reconciliation.

In the promotion of “Renaissance” on her social networks, Beyoncé published the title “Act I”, signaling that the album can be divided into parts.

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