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Daisy Ridley Says Her New Star Wars Movie Is “Not What I Expected”

Daisy Ridley Star Wars

In a surprising revelation, British actress Daisy Ridley has candidly shared her thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars movie. The film, which is set to continue the epic saga in a galaxy far, far away, has left Ridley intrigued and perhaps a tad bewildered.

A Jedi’s Unexpected Journey

Ridley, known for her portrayal of the resilient Rey, will once again wield her lightsaber in this highly anticipated installment. However, the actress recently confided that the script took her by surprise. “It’s not what I expected,” she admitted during an exclusive interview at the Star Wars Celebration 2023 event.

While Ridley remained tight-lipped about specific plot details, she assured fans that they would be “very excited.” The film promises to delve into uncharted territory, exploring themes beyond the familiar battles between the light and dark sides of the Force.

A New Jedi Order

The film, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, is set to take place 15 years after the events of The Rise of Skywalker. Ridley’s Rey will play a pivotal role in rebuilding the New Jedi Order—a task fraught with challenges and unforeseen obstacles. As the galaxy grapples with its past, new powers emerge, threatening to tear down the fragile peace Rey seeks to establish.

A Chequered History

Lucasfilm, the studio behind the Star Wars franchise, has been busy. Not only did they announce two other films—one exploring the origins of the Force and the other chronicling the war between the Imperial Remnant and the fledgling New Republic—but they also confirmed a slew of new TV shows. Among them are a second season of Andor and a spin-off centered around the enigmatic Ahsoka Tano.

However, Ridley’s return as Rey remains a focal point and her involvement in shaping the future of the Star Wars universe is eagerly anticipated.

Stay tuned for more updates as the galaxy prepares for its next chapter!

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