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“Totoro Forest” shares crowdfunding for preservation

Protopian net my neighbor totoro news Japan

One of the most beautiful animations of all time, “My Neighbor Totoro” is a true work of art that encourages generations all over the world.

Created in 1988 by Hayao Miyazaki, it presents – long before the debate on global warming – the importance of environmental preservation – among many other topics, so it is only fair that the forest that inspired the film is preserved.

That’s the opinion of the people of the city of Tokorozawa, in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, who are launching a crowdfunding campaign to help preserve the place known as “Totoro Forest”.

The project wants to raise 2.6 billion yen for the preservation of 3.5 hectares, which according to local information served as inspiration for the animation after Miyazaki visited the site.

Protopian net Totoro Forest news Japan

Tokorozawa will ask crowdfunding participants to contribute 25,000 yen and in return they will receive background art prints offered by Studio Ghibli.

An initial number of 1,000 sets will be available, targeting donors within Japan, though additional rounds could be arranged if there is interest, the official said.

Although the campaign only covers a small part of the cost of purchasing the land, the city hopes it will bring attention to the forest and build support for its preservation.

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