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Tom Hardy Makes Surprise Appearance, Wins Martial Arts Tournament

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With one of the most intense CVs in Hollywood, passing through the villains Bane in Batman and Venon in Marvel, in addition to starring in “Mad Max: Fury Road”, Tom Hardy now surprises as a martial arts champion!

The 45-year-old English actor won gold at the 2022 UMAC Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship on Saturday after quietly entering the competition.

While spectators and other competitors were stunned when Hardy appeared in the school hall in Milton Keynes, England, organizers said he was simply “keeping his word”.

Mohamed Itoumaine, referee and spokesperson for tournament organizer Ultimate Martial Arts Championships, told CNN on Wednesday that Hardy had agreed to participate in the competition following his low-key participation in the REORG Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship last month. Itoumaine refereed the previous tournament in Wolverhampton.

“I was very excited and impressed because he told me at the championship that ‘I’m going to your next one’ and he kept his word,” said Itoumaine. “His schedules are so busy.”

Itoumaine said that UMAC kept the Hollywood star’s presence silent to avoid adding any pressure on Hardy ahead of the competition.

And when Hardy arrived, he made sure to deliver. Itoumaine said Hardy dominated his division and qualified in stages before taking home the top prize.

Images posted on social media show a victorious Hardy holding his certificate made with his real name “Edward Hardy”.

“[Hardy] is a legitimate blue belt. I have over 10 years of experience as a referee and after I saw him compete for the first time in the REORG championship, I knew he would rock my competition,” said Itoumaine.

“It takes dedication and hard work to get to that level. He is technically, physically and mentally skilled. He is someone who wants to win in the best way possible, which is to make the opponent submit and submit”.

Itoumaine, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu second-degree black belt, said he plans to hold more competitions next year and hopes the star will participate in more tournaments.

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